19.02.2024 Alessandro Di Maio

I explain you why young European media makers should be involved in EYP activities

The European Youth Press (EYP) serves as an umbrella organisation for young media makers across Europe, dedicated to bolstering the influence of youth media, championing press freedom on the continent and nurturing emerging media talent.

My journey with EYP began in 2008 when Letizia Gambini invited me to Brussels for my first experience. Since then, I've had the privilege of contributing in various capacities, from participating in events to coordinating workshops, and writing for EYP's magazine, 'Orange'.

EYP gave me opportunity to travel across Europe, fostering connections with seasoned journalists, passionate activists and fellow students. Many of those individuals have since risen to prominent positions within various domains, including civic society (for example, Anna Alboth), the media landscape (examples: Méabh Mc Mahon, Carmen Claudia Paun, Keith Demicoli, Thomas Seymat), and high-level organisations (examples: Letizia Gambini and Cláudia Köver).

Moreover, I must highlight the important role of the EYP Newsletter, collecting opportunities for young media makers such as jobs, internships, calls, awards, volunteering opportunities, grants, etc. It was through the Newsletter that I found myself embarking on my first journey to the Middle East in 2009, where I spent seven years that changed my life.

I share my story with the aim to inspire aspiring media makers and journalism/communication students across Europe to engage with EYP actively: show up, contact the EYP team, propose ideas, join the Orange Magazine!

There is a call right now: https://lnkd.in/eW7wBBdm

If you're eager to connect with talented peers from across Europe, delve into event coverage, hone team management skills and grow as a media creator, seize the opportunity to connect with the European Youth Press, now!

If you are no longer young but know young individuals who crave such experiences, I encourage you to share this message with them.

I take the opportunity of this post, to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the remarkable individuals I've encountered through EYP since 2008. Thank you for enriching my journey!

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